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Tiffy went shopping Friday at South Coast Plaza, better than Rodeo Drive if you ask me........but I am not a big fan of Beverly Hills.   

I have pictures, but I'm having issues loading them.  I got my brother's birthday gift, a wallet from Guess, then I went to get a belt at Armani.  The whole time I was fighting with Abdul because I'm think I'm getting tired.  I know I shouldn't get annoyed and I should be thankful for having him, but I annoyed when he doesn't know the labels or the shops, or the hotels, or clubs, or resturants, or goes to the clubhouses, and while I was walking around he was just looking around and following me.

And it just annoyed me.

And I know I'm a bit of a princess, and I try to keep that on a low level, but it's summer, and I get into this mood where I just want to be in the places I feel good at.  I don't want to go to the lower areas, I don't want to go to hip hop clubs or hookah cafes, I want to go to classy lounges where the girls are dressed up, I want to go to beach side cafes and enjoy a good latte, I want to go to private parties that offer limo pick up, and steak houses that give you 7 course meals.  

And I feel awful when I get mad at him for not being a snob like me.  Then we went to Tentation and I got mad cause again he was following me around and I just got mad at the following me stuff.   And I watched Mohammad watch me and I just got more and more mad because I just can't seem to equal my restlessness in life.

Saturday was fine, I just tried to stay calm.

Sunday was a bit harder.

I don't know what is wrong with me.  Why can't I just be happy to have a good loyal man?  Why do I chase after brats with large trust funds?  It's shallow and degrading on my part.

Oh the vainity.


I think my ego is the size of a small planet.

This is Sahar, Mohammad's girlfriend that he cheated on with me...

She's short, mean, rude, gross, drinks beer from a red cup and has just zero class and no education.  She's a floater.



Ahmed and my Abdul

The next one is Willie *Mohammad's cousin* and Sultan *who is Mohammad's best friend and who is terribly mean to me, I hate him*

The next one is Fahad who is spying on me for Mohammad and tells him everything I do, I use to like him, until I found out he was a rat.

The girl is Reem, she's Saudi and we're friends, not close, because she has a crush on Abdul, but I enjoy her company most of the time.

This is another Abdul, Dhoom is the nickname, he's the Abdul I had a fling with best friend and Mohammad best friend when they studied together in London.  He's so funny.

The next is Mo who my Abdul thought I wanted to sleep with, that makes me laugh.

Yesterday I went swimming all day, and to my surprise, I'm not sunburnt, in fact, I'm barely tan, which is a tad disappointing.  

The weekend sucked.

Nothing went as planned, there was no Stinking Rose or Sky bar, instead there was an overly priced arabic place *$114 for 2 people!!! FOR FUCKING RICE!*  and then Fusion.  I got into a fight with Abdul cause he got mad when I said I little 3 year old boy was so cute that I would leave him for the kid.  So I let him walk home and drove around, found Nassir and that was my night.

Saturday, everyone had gone to Vegas, we didn't get a vip table, and at Fusion no one sang me happy birthday.

Sunday Abdul slept while I swam.  He went home and I studied for finals that start in a week.

Then I got into another fight with the other Abdul and then Mo from Long Beach showed up at Fusion and Abdul fought with me because he thought I wanted to sleep with Mo which is very far from the truth.  So it sucked and this weekend I think I'm just going to stay home and study because these last three weekends have been just disappointing.

Tiffy is hungry.

Abdul is out running around for me.  Cute.

*hits head on desk* 

I'm hungry but I have to be flat for Saturday!

Flat Tiffy!

Abdul agreed to get me boobs! That's soooooooooo funny!


May. 10th, 2007

Okay, you all remember Korosh, the guy I dated for two weeks and found out he was 40! LOOOOOOOOOL! Well, he's one of my best friends now, and he sells like these scented beds, and this is what is on his one of his cars.  


May. 10th, 2007

I'm starting to have this constant, growing fear of getting old.  I found gray hair and a few months ago my hair thinned out, and I talked to a hair stylist and she told me it's due to lack of sleep and stress.  Then I talked to another friend and asked if I was stressed and she told me everyone was talking about how I never sleep and I'm stressed out.  I told her I went to spas once a week just to mellow out because I know I'm high strung but she told me I needed to do something outragous like shoot guns or jump out of a plane.

So.....this June I'm going to jump out of a plane.

But now I'm stressed out over things like.........death from jumping out of a plane.

I think I should just stick to my scented soaps and che enhancing shampoo rinses.  

Abdul *the one that is not my bf, the classy pic* asked me to dinner last night.  He is asking me everyday now and everyday I have to tell him no, and I really really miss hanging out with him.  But I know it's too risky.  To see him I would have to lie to my Abdul and I really don't want that gulit to deal with.

Everyone is going to Spain for Mansour's wedding, there family rented out 300 rooms for the occasion.  Nassir told my Abdul to go, and I almost want him to go so I could have levelage on seeing the other Abdul.  Naturally my Abdul would cheat in Spain.  300 rooms, 150 of them filled with young Saudi girls??? and on the streets beautiful Spainards??? Come on, add some vodka and that boy is intoxicated in a one week orgy of women.  

Not to mention Eygpt and Bahrain trips from Saudi herself.  

I don't even get angry over it, I never got angry at Mohammad for it, I just said, this is life and that's their world.  Besides, men have never been my problem.  My problem has always been choosing which one.

Anyhow, Abdul isn't going, he staying for the summer because he's scared to death I'll have a summer fling while he's gone.

I would if he went to Spain.  

I know what goes on in Spain.

I'm dying to go to another fashion show.......

Tomorrow Beverly Hills and Sky Bar.  How romantic!  I have to leave early to get my hair layered and styled so I can bump into people.

I'm done with my morning work, time to study for LSATs.  I actually have started to look forward to it because I find the games fun....

Is that sad or what?

May. 9th, 2007

*sigh* Tiffy went and bought two new outfits yesterday with a matching purse.   The universe is now back in order.

In other news, Abdul is taking me to dinner at The Stinking Rose in Beverly Hills before Sky Bar.  I love that place because they have huge solid gold noses and I like to put my whole arm in there. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! I always get yelled at but it's my birthday! I'm literally digging for gold!

Abdul and I got into a fight over inviting the other Abdul *the pics from yesterday* to my party.  As a result he ruined my real birthday, and the whole night was spent at Fashion Island *an island with a bunch of shops* and I shopped my blues away and had a great help from a lovely gay man named CP, who I also bought a latte for since his taste is just AMAZING and the outfits he chose for me were perfect.  For the coffee he dismissed my sales tax which I thanked him for because it was around $25.  Abdul came and met me at the island and he got mad at me for always talking to guys, the guys meaning CP, and CP told him to not get his panties in a twist because he was gay.

I laughed and Abdul pouted.  As a result, Abdul does not wish to see me today.  So I will call CP and ask him if he is working again tonight.

Here's the website for The Stinking Rose, look at the gold noses!!!!


May. 8th, 2007

Oh I'm 22 today by the way people, wowee wowooo.