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So my brother and I have left the house due to my step mother's over reaction to the illness we managed to catch.  (skin mites, which have now been treated and were caught due to one of our friends vactioning in Mexico).  So long story short, we've both sacked up at Abdul's house until we move into our new apartment in two weeks.  Vila Sena I think.  Were Mohammad lives, so that should be interesting.

As a result of this depressing period I have actually just stopped partying.  I've lost just all desire because now my main goal is to trade in the mercedes for the 08 version of my car.  LOL. It's 199 on lease!!!! I cannot believe that, I'm paying $600.

I'm so sleepy.  Mainly to the medical treatments I've been enduring the last week.  Which has helped me lose a few pounds because it made me sick because it literally is poison.  

On top of that, I got my period today.  So I'm trying to stay calm.  I'm on the edge of a complete freak out, but I'm trying to say it's fine.  Once I get the new car, my life style, which as we all know, is a tad bit of a princess mode, will be okay.  

The car will be white on camel.  Cute cute.  I chose the color cause it matches my sunglasses.

Two more semesters till I'm done with school, for now that is.  

Nassir got arrested from emagration due to lack of attendance at school.  Hard lesson learned I guess.  Though it cost Abdul and Thamer $2000 to get him out, not counting the gas to drive 12 hours.

I'm glad he's back though, the house seemed so depressing with his smile.

I'm tired.

I hate being sick.

I can't wait to go to Vila Sena


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Jun. 3rd, 2007 12:24 am (UTC)
Get well soon, Tiff! And don't forget to show us the pics of your new car!
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