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So the above two pics are of Envy Utralounge that we went to on Suday.  You guys, it's awesome! It's brand new and no one knows about it.  I met the owner, the djs, the bouncers, and even Laura the bartender, asked me out on a date, then I introduced her to my bf, but still, I was so flattered cause she's beautiful.

So this is where I have decided to party at.  It's safe, away from the Saudi's, and for the time being, ALL MINE!

Here's Laura

Here hair is black now, which is much prettier on her.

So yes, Friday I went to Sutra for Thamer's birthday and at the end of the night I got into a fight with this white guy and Slapped his face.  He didn't really deserve that, but I was mad because girls kept hitting on Abdul and he wasn't doing a good job at turning them down.

Saturday I went to an Asian party with Crystal at a beach house, it was beautiful and cheap too, for the whole weekend you could rent it for $1100.  That's less than a VIP table you get for only 4 hours.

I've also decided it's either time to get rid of the Benz or trade it in for a lower payment, cause I'm paying what I would pay for rent (actually, more then rent) on my car.  And I can get the 2008 C 230 for $199 a month.  Right now I'm paying $650 a month for my 2006 C230.

I didn't go shopping this weekend, or the beach.  I got annoyed with Abdul cause his apartment is super messy, but I tried to stay calm.

I have realized I'm a very angry person.  Mainly because I'm bossy.  And on Friday, everyone was talking about how I'm preppy, and I didn't feel insulted at all.  If I'm being preppy by VIPing my life, that so be it.  Flash me that polo and let's bet a thousand on a round of golf and see what happens.

Speaking for betting, Vegas is soon.  I've been working on my black jack because I plan on making my $20 last a few hours.  Last time I made $700 from $20.  Course I lost $400 of it, but up $200 isn't bad, I took my brother out to an excellant resturant from that.

Okay, I'm bored, enough of this.

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